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Our courses are affordably priced so that you can continually learn new skills to help with your new job, or to ensure you have the skills for the promotion that you are aiming for. All our courses are completed online via our Learning Management System (LMS), are self-paced and come with a certificate on completion. Many of our customers have come back time and time again to enrol in different courses.

For Employers and Employees

Employers can purchase courses on behalf of their teams. Our LMS enables employers to work with their employees, by adding courses and reviewing outcomes. Employees can be incentivised to progress through our courses. The Calculation online library of courses are regularly checked and updated, ensuring that the information we share with you is current and relevant. New and relevant courses are added from time to time.

For Job Seekers and Return to Work

Get the confidence to land that special role by completing some Calculation online courses! Our courses have many case-studies and scenarios to ensure that you will be able to engage in positive conversation during your interview process. Many employers appreciate that you have taken the initiative to enrol in courses to upskill.

How reputable are Calculation online courses?

Calculation have been leaders in face-to-face training for 20+ years, focusing on soft skills, Microsoft and Reckon software solutions. During the pandemic most face-to-face training was converted to the online environment using cloud services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Team Viewer. Our next progression was to make our training courses online and available to anyone and everyone – on their terms. We learnt that in these unprecedented times that people want to complete courses at times and places which suit them. Behind the scenes we still have our same team of experienced workplace trainers, making sure that the quality we have been delivering for years is still just as high. So, can you rely on us? You sure can!

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