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We are all super stars!

We are all super stars!Carmelo Anthony is a well decorated professional American athlete. He is a four-time Olympian and an inspiring sporting hero to millions of people. He’s had a natural flair for basketball nearly all his life. What many people don’t know about Carmelo is that although he had demonstrated success in his craft as a teenager, he also was distracted by all of the attention. As his grade began to fail, so did his dreams of being an elite athlete. He knew he needed to improve his studies to fulfil his ambitions. “Every morning you have two choices:...

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Courses Online Time management

I remember a time when we were always running late for everything.

We used survival tactics rather than addressing our problem of never being on time.

Before the days of shared calendars, we had many shared arguments and our bandaid solution was to set up roles in our family. We thought that this would stop the accusations of who double booked, or who forgot what each child needed for their activity. I was delegated the role of event co-ordinator in our home, which looking back meant, that it something went wrong in terms of anyone doing or not doing something, it was my fault, and it was not ideal.

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Courses Online Letting You Live the Dream

Once upon a long time ago, there was a Mum and a Dad, seven children and a dog. They all lived together in what was a relatively organised household. By relatively organised, I mean a quite structured environment. We had lists and we had schedules, but mostly we made sure that we were always looking at least a couple of days ahead. It has always been important to us that, as parents, and more-so working parents, we ensured that as our brood was growing up that they did not miss out on anything that children from smaller families might experience....

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