Frequently asked questions

Who is Calculation Training?

Calculation Training is a training organisation which has trained thousands of students since 2000.  Primarily Calculation trained in financial services until about ten years ago when they branched into training other software platforms, then soft and business skills. 


How do I get access to my course?

Once you check out of the online store, you will be redirected to our LMS where you will be prompted to set up your LMS account (if this is the first time you have purchased a course from us). Returning students will simply log in to the LMS and their course will be displayed in their training plan.


Are there any requirements to study these courses?

 All our courses are designed as an entry level to further your skills and knowledge. There are no prerequisites for any course.


How are the courses delivered?

Since 2020, COVID-19 has meant that the way we deliver our courses has changed. Although we plan to return to face to face learning when we can do so safely, currently all our courses are online and / or self-paced.


Can you explain self-paced learning?

Our self-paced courses are designed for you to complete your training online, at a time and a place that is convenient to you. You can fit your training around your existing schedules and commitments.


Are the courses interactive?

All our courses are interactive and engaging. 


How long are the courses?

Most of the courses are designed to be completed in about 6 to 8 hours.  The beauty of self-paced means that you are not restricted by time restraints and you can revisit parts of the course to reinforce your learning.  You can start your training and return to it later, where you left off. 


How can I check my progress and understanding?

Each course has navigation which shows exactly where you are in your course. At the end of each section there is a knowledge test that you can take as many times as you like. At the end of the course you will get a certificate of completion.


How long do I have to complete the course?

You will have a full year to complete your course. if you need longer, you just need to reach out to us and we can extend your course.


Do I need to buy anything else to complete the courses?

You do not need to purchase anything further in order to complete the courses. All materials, including online content, interactions and knowledge assessments are included in your course cost.