Administrative Skills

Administrative Skills Courses

Administrative Skills Courses keep you up to date in the business world

Administrative skills are the skills that increase productivity in the office by consolidating administrative tasks, which are time-consuming, into a single role.

Key Benefits of taking the Administrative Skills Courses

The most common administrative skills include business etiquette, record keeping, scheduling meetings, project management, basic bookkeeping, and preparing for future social trends.

Other benefits:

  • Study at your pace and at a time to suit your schedule
  • Refresh your previous knowledge
  • Prepare for new roles

What will you learn when you take the Administrative Skills Courses

Learners will get a rounded overview in a variety of administrative areas which will be beneficial in any industry or workplace.

Specific courses include:

  • Accountability in the Workplace
  • Administrative Office Procedures
  • Administrative Support
  • Archiving and Records Management
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Business Writing
  • Collaborative Business Writing
  • Executive and Personal Assistants
  • Meeting Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • Social Media In The Workplace
  • Supply Chain Management

These skills are important in maintaining calm and avoiding chaos in all aspects of your personal and business lives. Take the first step and enrol in one of our online administrative courses today.