We are all super stars!

We are all super stars!

Carmelo Anthony is a well decorated professional American athlete. He is a four-time Olympian and an inspiring sporting hero to millions of people. He’s had a natural flair for basketball nearly all his life. What many people don’t know about Carmelo is that although he had demonstrated success in his craft as a teenager, he also was distracted by all of the attention. As his grade began to fail, so did his dreams of being an elite athlete. He knew he needed to improve his studies to fulfil his ambitions.

“Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.” Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo is no different to any of us. He had his eye on the prize, his dream job. His dream job was to be a sporting star. Your dream job may not include a ball or hoop, but it will make you just as happy as Carmelo. We want to help you be your ‘Carmelo’.

Can your courses help me get a new job?

Our courses are designed to help you build the skill set and the confidence to make the career changes you are wishing for. Our courses are designed for people who want to learn something new or update their skills in the short term but don't have the time or resources to commit to studying full-time, especially alongside a full-time job.

Can I add my course details to my resume?

All our courses are designed to be completed in a relatively short timeframe. They are not formal qualifications like you would get from a university. Our courses get you job-ready and you can absolutely list them on your resume to demonstrate your eagerness to learn, and the skills you have developed through online study.

Is the time I need to complete my course flexible?

Flexibility is a major drawcard to completing short courses, particularly online short courses.
We encourage you to take as long or as short as you like to complete your studies. We understand that you might be working while you are studying or have other commitments which you need to focus on. Our courses will always fit around your schedules because they are all self-paced.

What is self-paced learning?

In the past, studying in the classroom was a very popular form of learning notwithstanding that face-to-face learning had both pros and cons. In recent times, many students are gravitating to a more flexible environment where they could study at times, and places, which are a better fit that classroom training. Education has shifted from the classroom to the internet.

Can I revisit what I’ve learnt if I want a refresher?

Absolutely, you will always have access to your online learning materials. If a year has passed, you may be prompted to contact us to reset your access to our online Learning Management System. You also have the ability to download your learning materials.

Are you ready to wake up tomorrow and chase your dreams?

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